Lifepo4 Batteries For Portable Mobile

Rich mobile power design fashion, leading the industry trend, small size, light weight, easy to carry. The high performance control circuit with high security has been developed, which plays the functions of charge control, charge protection, discharge protection, overload protection and short circuit protection. With a high degree of compatibility, high degree of product matching. With outdoor mobile power, people no longer have to worry about cell phones or other electronic products running out of battery when they go out. Charging for mobile power anytime and anywhere, no need to charge frequently. It only needs a single charge for long-term use

The Advantages Of Mobile Power

1. Charge the mobile power supply anytime and anywhere, without frequent charging.
2, Only one charge can be used for a long time
3, Higher energy density, more stable, more compact
4 5 year warranty

Why Choose Rich Outdoor Portable Mobile Power Supply?

The ideal solution, tested for performance and safety, provides the required smart balance of power and energy density, fast charging, and system integration capabilities. Provide excellent performance and value!

Maintenance Free

1, No daily maintenance work and costs.
2. No water injection, acid spill, corrosion, acidification or pollution.
3. No explosive gas will be released when charging.

Cost Advantage

1. Longer battery life.
2, Stand the test of long time driving and long time use.
3. Save you up to 70% in five years.
4, Poven performance, less wear and less damage.

Efficient And Powerful

1. Shorter charging time.
2. Light weight.
3. Fast charging at any time.

Safe And Reliable

1, Higher chemical stability and thermal stability.
2. No explosive gases or potential acids will affect your safety.
3, With multiple built-in protection, more secure.

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