What do we do?

  • Ruiqi


    Ruiqi is a company specializing in the research and development and manufacturing of energy storage products, including customized lithium battery packs, energy storage power supply, AGV power battery, mobile robot power supply, household and small and medium-sized industrial and commercial energy storage systems. The market covers Asia, Africa, Europe, America and other regions, and gradually set up overseas market operation center. Ruiqi Energy focuses on energy storage products to help China achieve the goal of double carbon. Our vision is to become a global trusted mobile energy provider!

  • Ruiye


    Ruiye is a company specializing in the design, manufacture and sales of a full range of battery steel shell drawing molds (including new energy lithium battery steel shell molds, primary battery steel shell molds, a whole set of imported and domestic punching battery steel shell molds) precision cer amic drawing molds, stamping molds, powder gold molds, non-standard non-standard tungsten steel mirror molds. With continuous innovation, continuous improvement and high precision machining technology, we provide customer service in different fields such as new energy automobile manufacturing, battery manufacturing, plastic magnetic ring mold, medical instruments and IT industry, etc., to meet customers' various needs for products.

  • Our Purpose:

    Employee - based, management - based customer - centered excellence as the goal

  • Our features:

    Elaborate designed customization personalized other products cannot be replaced. Professional team innovation management, always walk in the forefront of the industry

  • Our Philosophy:

    Market determines the future, quality determines survival, brand determines image, concept determines development, talent determines rise and fall

    Our Slogan

    Let Richye manufacturing products to the world

Our Service:

Pre-Sale Service, After-Sales, Guarantee

  • Provide professional customized consulting services for the products that customers are interested in, mainly recommend and provide customized products according to the use and needs of customers.
    According to customer technical requirements, provide a variety of designs, including product configuration problems and provide design solutions according to customer site conditions.

    Pre-Sale Service

    Pre-Sale Service

  • All products sold, we will be according to customer requirements to the designated destination, in order to maximize the recognition of customers.

    In-Sale Service

    In-Sale Service

  • 1. For sold products, we establish "customer files" and implement tracking services.
    2. After the product is sold, the implementation of telephone tracking at any time, to understand the use of products to customers, so that customers use more at ease.
    3. If there is any use problem after sale, the first time to provide solutions. Including on-site recovery plan and return plan until customer satisfaction.
    4. Under normal circumstances, the inspection report of returned products shall be issued within two weeks after the arrival of the products, and our company shall bear the responsibility for it. For reasons other than our products, we will issue corresponding reports to guide customers' use.

    After-Sales Service

    After-Sales Service