About Richye

RICHYE (Shanghai) Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a company focused on the field of new energy industry. The registered office is located in Shanghai, a world-class city with global influence.The company has an excellent team of talents, strong technical development capabilities, advanced production equipment, and complete supporting facilities, providing reliable guarantees for the development and production of high-quality products.It has purchased and established a professional manufacturing and assembly base in Henan Province, China, with market coverage in Asia, Africa, Europe, America and other regions, and is gradually establishing overseas market operation centers.
The company currently has new energy lithium battery, new energy lithium battery steel shell mold, steel shell stamping machine equipment and other related industries.
  • FIRSTEenergy lithium battery industry

    The new energy lithium battery industry focuses on household commercial energy storage, power transportation, outdoor sports, travel and leisure, medical equipment, aviation and shipping, military and police equipment, and special high and low temperature explosion-proof batteries. It also provides customized lithium-ion battery upgrade services.
  • SECONDSteel shell mold industry

    The new energy lithium battery steel shell mold industry focuses on producing high-precision products and components for new energy lithium battery steel shell molds, as well as supporting automated precision stamping machine production lines.
  • THIRDStamping machine equipment

    We utilize advanced production equipment to deliver high quality, high precision metal stampings and metal fabrications. We invest over $10 million annually to ensure that we have the latest metal stamping machines, fabrication equipment, and secondary operation equipment available. By using this technology to automate and standardize our processes as much as possible, we guarantee that our clients will receive the most accurate and highest quality metal stampings and sheet metal fabrications.