Lifepo4 Batteries For RV

Rich LiFePO4 battery adopts customized lithium iron phosphate cell. The single cell has beautiful size and high specific energy. The BMS management system developed for the RV lithium battery system has a high degree of compatibility and product matching. According to customer requirements customized RV lithium battery pack

Advantages Of RV Energy Storage Power

1, High weight and volume energy ratio;
2, Self-discharge is small, can be stored for a long time, which is a very prominent advantage of the battery;
3. There is no memory effect, so the lithium battery does not need to discharge before charging;
4. Long life. Under normal working conditions, the charge and discharge cycle of lithium battery can reach more than 500 times.
5. It can charge quickly. Lithium battery can generally choose 0.5 ~ 1 times the charging capacity, so that the charging time is shortened to 1 ~ 2 hours;
6. As the battery does not contain cadmium, lead, mercury and other heavy metal elements, it has no pollution to the environment, so it is a very advanced green battery at present.
7, The battery is a sealed unit, do not need to add water

Why Choose Rich RV Energy Storage Power Battery?

The ideal solution, tested for performance and safety, provides the intelligent balance of power and energy density, fast charging, and system integration capabilities required to achieve the original equipment manufacturer’s industry-leading design goals and the required performance and productivity. Provide excellent performance and value!

Maintenance Free

1, No daily maintenance work and costs.
2. No water injection, acid spill, corrosion, acidification or pollution.
3. No explosive gas will be released when charging.

Cost Advantage

1. Longer battery life.
2, Stand the test of long time driving and long time use.
3. Save you up to 70% in five years.
4, Proven performance, less wear and less damage.


1. Provide all mounting brackets and connectors.
2, Practical and easy to replace and use.
3, Designed for all leading brands of RV vehicles.

Efficient And Powerful

1. Shorter charging time.
2, Fast charge at any time, increase the running time.

Stability And Lasting

1, 5 year warranty
2. More than 3,500 life cycles. Longer lasting, longer range.
3. Firm and stable. Can withstand all kinds of temperatures.

Safe And Reliable

1, Higher chemical stability and thermal stability.
2. No explosive gases or potential acids will affect your safety.
3, With multiple built-in protection, more secure.

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