Lifepo4 Batteries For Floor Cleaning Machine

Make cleaning more efficient and easier! Rich LiFePO4 is designed to replace lead-acid batteries. They can provide an accessible and stable experience. Can be customized according to customer requirements for floor cleaning machine lithium electric system vehicle lithium battery pack;

Compared With Lead-Acid Batteries, Rich LiFePO4 Batteries…

1, Higher efficiency, greater power
2. Longer working hours and less downtime
3, All service life and cost reduction
4. The battery can be left in the car for quick charging
5. No more maintenance, watering or replacement

Why Choose Rich Floor Cleaner Battery?

1. It’s more convenient
2. More stable
3. More efficient

Fast And Efficient Charging.

1, No memory, full charge only 2.5 hours.
2. It can be charged during breaks and shifts.
3, Full charge can keep for about 8 months

0 Maintenance

1. Reduce unplanned downtime.
2. Higher productivity.
3. No maintenance cost.

Long Life.

1. The design life is as long as 10 years.
2. Three times longer than lead-acid batteries.

Light Weight

1. Weight reduction of 70%.
2. Better performance.
3. Increase productivity and reduce costs.

More Environmentally Friendly

1. Reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
2. No smoke.
3. No acid spill.

Super Security

1. All sealing units.
2. Total thermal and chemical stability.
3, A variety of built-in protection functions to ensure battery safety.

Wider Operating Temperature

1. It works well in both high and low temperatures.
2. Self-heating function ensures more optional charging.

More Stable

1, More durable in all-weather conditions.
2. Good performance in wet and dusty environment.
3. Provide a further improved experience.

Which LiFePO4 Battery Is Best For Your Floor Cleaner?

We have developed 24 voltage and 36 voltage systems for your floor cleaner. Choosing the right system enables you to clean with more lasting power and higher productivity. Our 24V, 36V systems vary in rating, self heating, capacity, etc. 36 volt batteries can often be more powerful. They are ideal lithium-ion batteries for floor cleaners.

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