Lifepo4 Batteries For Golfcarts

Rich LiFePO4 batteries, with our lithium battery installed in your golf cart, you’ll never have to fill up the tank again. You can push the envelope with our golf cart battery. According to customer requirements can be customized golf cart lithium electric system vehicle lithium battery pack;

Upgrade Your Golf Cart To Lithium!

1, Higher energy density, more stable, more compact
2, The battery is a sealed unit, do not need to add water
3, Easy to upgrade, easy to replace and use
4 5 year warranty

Product Features

1, 0 maintenance
2. 5-year Warranty
3. 10 year battery life
4. Working environment -10°-130°
5, Battery cycle life more than 3500 times

Why Choose RICH Golf Cart Battery?

Excellent performance and value for your golf cart, utility vehicle, AGV, etc!

Maintenance Free

1, No daily maintenance work and costs.
2. No water injection, acid spill, corrosion, acidification or pollution.
3. No explosive gas will be released when charging.

It Has Cost Advantage

1. Longer battery life, up to 10 years.
2, Stand the test of long time driving and long time use.
3. Save you up to 70% in five years.
4, Proven performance, less wear and less damage.


1. Provide all mounting brackets and connectors.
2, Practical and easy to replace and use.
3, Designed for all leading brands of golf carts, multi-seater and multi-purpose vehicles.

Efficient And Powerful

1. Faster climbing and shorter charging time.
2. Light weight. More speed, less effort.
3. Save time. Fast charge at any time to increase running time.

1, 5 year warranty
2. More than 3,500 life cycles. Longer lasting, longer range.
3. Firm and stable. Can withstand all kinds of temperatures.

Safe And Reliable

1, Higher chemical stability and thermal stability.
2. No explosive gases or potential acids will affect your safety.
3, With multiple built-in protection, more secure.

Which LiFePO4 Battery Is Compatible With Your Golf Cart?

We have developed 36V, 48V, 72V voltage systems for your golf cart, which vary in terms of voltage, capacity, weight, charging time, etc. To meet more demanding requirements. They are ideal lithium-ion batteries for golf carts.

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