Lifep04 Batteries For Forklifts

LiFePO4 battery features high energy density and automotive grade components that can be charged quickly, a customized lithium iron phosphate cell with high specific energy, a BMS management system developed for forklift lithium electric systems, a high degree of compatibility, high product match, and it can provide the desired performance and good productivity for your material handling equipment in the factory or warehouse. Can be customized according to customer requirements for forklift lithium electric system vehicle lithium battery pack.

The Forklift Battery Is Converted Into Lithium Ion Battery

1. Higher efficiency means more power
2, Longer duration, less downtime
3. Longer service life reduces costs
4. The battery can be left in the car for quick charging
5. No more maintenance, watering or replacement

Product Features

1, 0 maintenance
2. 5-year Warranty
3. 10 year battery life
4. Working environment -10°-130°
5, Battery cycle life more than 3500 times

Why Choose Rich Forklift Battery?

1, Long life and 5 year warranty, let you peace of mind.
2, The design life is 10 years, more than 3 times the life of lead-acid battery.
3. Cycle life is more than 3500 times.

Zero Maintenance

1. Save labor and maintenance costs.
2. No need to endure acid spill, corrosion, acidification or pollution.
3. Save downtime and improve production efficiency.
4. No regular injection of distilled water.

Car Charging

1. Eliminate the risk of battery replacement accidents.
2, The battery can stay on the device, in order to charge in a short time.
3. It can be charged at any time without affecting the battery life.

Consistent Strength

1. Provide consistent high performance power supply and battery voltage throughout the full charge process.
2. Maintain higher productivity even at the end of your shift.
3. The flat discharge curve and high sustained voltage mean that the forklift can run faster with each charge without becoming sluggish.

Built-In BMS

1. Real-time monitoring and communication through CAN.
2. Full-time battery balance and battery management.
3. Remote diagnosis and software upgrade.
4. Ensure that the battery provides the highest performance.

Display Unit

1. Real-time display of all key battery functions.
2. Display key information about the battery, such as voltage, temperature and energy consumption.
3, Display the remaining charging time and fault alarm.

No Battery Replacement

1. There is no risk of physical damage to the battery during replacement.
2, No safety problems, no need to exchange equipment.
3. Further save costs and improve safety.

Super Security

1. LiFePO4 battery has very high thermal and chemical stability.
2, A variety of built-in protection, including over charge, over discharge, overheating and short circuit protection.
3. The sealing device will not release any emissions.
4, When there is a problem remote control automatic warning.

Which LiFePO4 Battery Is Best For Your Forklift

1. To accommodate most forklift series, our batteries are usually divided into 4 systems: 24V, 36V, 48V and 80V.
2, Don’t hesitate, your ideal battery must be here!

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